Salam, hey guys,,,,, i am going to tell you how to make ringtones for iphone with whatever songs that you want ! Okey.. lets get started

1 - go to control panel on your PC. Then go to folder option. Go to view and make sure you uncheck box of hide extensions for known files types. Then klik ok.

2 - Next open up your itunes. If you don't have the ringtones tab on the left side of the itunes, go to edit/preferences/ general tab and check the box that say ringtones.

3 - Then go to edit/preferences/advanced and check the box that says copy files to itunes media  folder when adding to library.

4 - Now go to the music tab on itunes and just pick any song that you would like to make it as a ringtone. Right  click the song and go to get info/option and look where it says start time and stop time. Put in the time that you want your ringtone start and end. Make sure you dont make it more than 30 sec long or it wont work ! Make sure you check the box. Then click ok.

5 - Play the song and make sure it start and end at where you want it

6 - Ok now right click the song and press convert to ACC. It will make a copy of the songs.

7 - Drag the copy of the song to the desktop. It will say songname.m4a. Right click the song and press rename. Change a to r. Example Brunomars.m4a, change to Brunomars.m4r.

8 - Then we need to get back to itunes. You need to delete the copy song that you make in itunes ( the copy only ). Click move to recycle bin.

9 - Now go to the ringtone on the desktop. Double click it and it will open with itunes.

10 - Plug in your iphone and sync your new ringtone !

11 - Lastly, we need to go back to the song that we use to make the ringtone on your itunes. Go to music tab on the right side of the itunes and right click the song. Go to get info/option and uncheck the box of start time and stop time.  Then click ok


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Salam, entry kali ni saya akan bagi tahu how to add video to iphone @ macam mana nak masukkan video atau movie yang telah di download dari internet ke dalam itune dan sync ke iphone. Biasanya masalah ini pasti akan dihadapi oleh pengguna baru iphone. 

1 - PC anda haruslah mempunyai iphone video converter. Jika anda convert video menggunakan converter yang bukan khas bagi iphone, video berkenaan tidak dapat diletakan ke dalam itune. Saya menggunakan Cucusoft Iphone Video Converter.

Cucusoft Iphone Video Converter

2-  Klik open file, dan pilih video yang anda mahu. Kemudia pada ruangan profile,  pastikan ia tertulis iphone (480x320) MPEG-4 M. Kemudia pilih output yang anda mahu. Kemudian barulah anda boleh convert video berkenaan dengan klik Convert.

3 - Selesai convert, anda hanya perlu drag video yang telah di convert berkenaan ke itune anda.

4 - Jika berlaku masalah iaitu anda tidak berjaya drag video berkenaan ke itune, ini bermakna itune anda tidak mempunyai QuickTimeInstaller. Anda perlu Download QuickTimeInstaller bagi membolehkan video anda di drag ke itune.

5 - Setelah anda drag video berkenaan ke itune, video anda sedia di sync